is a forum to promote and disseminate research on the Economics of Education in Europe, provided by the European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE). You will find detailed information by following the links of the menu on the left.

EENEE is an EU Think Tank sponsored by the European Commission, Directorate General for Education and Culture. The network is coordinated by the Ifo Institute. EENEE aims to contribute to the improvement of decision-making and policy development in education and training in Europe by advising and supporting the European Commission in the analysis of economic aspects of educational policies and reforms.


  1. 24/02/2015: EENEE Policy Brief 2/2015
    EENEE has prepared a new policy brief on "Helping Poor Kids: Effective Policies to Reduce Educational Inequalities". [PDF]   more

  2. 20/02/2015: EENEE Analytical Report No. 21
    EENEE has prepared a new analytical report on "Reducing Inequality in Education and Skills: Implications for Economic Growth". [PDF]   more

  3. 03/02/2015: EENEE Policy Brief 1/2015
    EENEE has prepared a new policy brief on "Public Procurement Can Promote Apprenticeships". [PDF]   more

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